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Kurt/Mike: killer fashion, killer moves

Where he meets Prince Charming, but he won't discover that it's him 'till Ch. 3

Kurt/Mike: Killer Fashion, Killer Moves
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Fans and shippers of Glee's Kurt Hummel and Mike Chang

Here's where he meets Prince Charming, but he won't discover that it's him 'till Chapter Three!

Who we are
Shippers of Kurt Hummel and Mike Chang on Glee!

Mods: fakeplasticsnow, merle_p and thexpuzzler

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What's allowed here
Anything goes, really. Fanfic, fanvids, fan art, fanmixes, photo manips, tinhatty news -- as long as it pertains to the Kurt/Mike pairing, it's kosher.

Because WE ARE THE FUTURE. Kidding aside, we're fans of both characters and actors. Though we haven't seen much of Mike on the show yet, we do know that: 1) Mike was never present whenever the football guys chucked Kurt into the dumpster, 2) Mike was totally the most attentive guy in the locker room when Kurt taught them the "Single Ladies" dance, 3) Mike and Kurt stand next to each other in most of the group performances! [/tinhat]

We'd love to see more of the Mike character, and if we can't get that on the show (for now), we can make do with fic in the meantime! They'd be the most stylish and graceful pairing on campus. ♥

"I want Kurt to have a boyfrieeeend, okay, and I want Mike to have a decent storyline! I want Mike to pop-and-lock his way into Kurt's heart, and Kurt would be reticent at first but he'd eventually cave in to Mike's charm and sincerity and killer moves, and hopefully there will be flowers and chocolate and prom (!!!) involved, and they'd be the most adorable and well-adjusted couple on the show the end. KurChang 2010. You heard it here first."

- fakeplasticsnow, December 18, 2009

"I find them to be two of the most interesting characters, individually, for one. Kurt-love speaks for itself, but as for Mike, if you watch the episodes with one eye on him, you'll realize even without text that he's one of the funniest guys on this show. His FACIAL CONTORTIONS, haha. And he seems honestly enthusiastic about Glee to a point where he probably joined up because he loves singing and dancing, and not because he was forced to; he's also kind of goofy and he seems really dorky, and he beams when he gets to dance, so I love that about him.

As for them together - they haven't had a scene yet, because Mike hasn't had much screen time, but we know they have at least two common interests (lol), singing and dancing and football (hihi!) (btw, Harry Shum said in an interview that he gets to both sing and dance next season, and that he's quite a good singer, soooo, looking forward to that!) and then there's this vast amount of lack of backstory for both characters where you can just make things up, and I love making up little details for pairings that people can read and say "ohhhh, that sounds cool, I'd like it if that happened on the show". Inventing backstory is one of my favorite pastimes :)"

- thexpuzzler

"So Kurt needs a boyfriend, right? [...] That boyfriend should be Mike. Mike's characterisation is yet to be written (aside from he's an amazing dancer of course). Mike should like, compliment Kurt's single ladies dance, and say 'hey thanks for helping us win for the first time ever with your awesome moves' and 'I wish I was as brave as you' and then THEY SHOULD MAKE OUT. So basically my point is, I SUPPORT THIS SHIP! \o/"

- bruisesonguitar


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